“Orpheus is sung by mezzo-soprano Oda Zoe Hochscheid, and she does this with great involvement and a powerful, colorful voice. Her vocal finesse contributes to a very convincing and substantial interpretation of the role.”

Bengt Hallberg, Västerbottens Kuriren, Sweden

“Not only does she have a magnificent voice, her recitation and vocal extension are particularly captivating and allow the expansive musical gesture of Schlegel’s lieder to take on their true shape.”

Luc Knoedler, Kunstkring Oegstgeest, Netherlands

“A singer with a proven and solid preparation, on top of her sensibility of interpretation.”

Aldo Caserini, Il Cittadino, Italy

Vulnerable & Powerful

How lucky I consider myself: already at a very young age, I got to learn how to play the piano, and sing. My first serious encounter with Opera, at the Belcanto Festival in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, brings about a turning point; a move to Italy follows, and two master degrees, one with specialisation Opera Buffa.

Concerts and opera roles arrive, such as Ariodante (Handel), Rosina (Rossini), Proserpina (Peri), Sorceress (Purcell), and a CD-recording. I am infinitely grateful to all Maestre and Maestri who taught me so much:  Sara Mingardo, Carolyn Watkinson, Ton Koopman, Adelisa Tabiadon, Luca Gorla, Loris Peverada, Bruno de Simone, Deda Cristina Colonna, Mara Galassi, Roberto Balconi.

Children’s and youth’s voices: certainly one of the purest forms of performing music, and something I feel I am preciously connected with. I am author of a classical singing method for children and youth aged 6 years and up. My stage experience and pedagogical work enrich each other.

…Aren’t vulnerability and power both keys to music making? How beautiful!